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Women in Retail

August 9, 2017


10:45AM - 12:00PM

Women in Retail

Topic Discussion

The Role of Product and The Merchant in a Customer Driven World

C & D Concourse

Moderator:Anne Marie Thomas CEO, bella crescita consultingTopic Experts:Tara Abraham Chairman and Co-CEO, Accel, Inc.Marcy Schaffir SVP, General Merchandise Manager, CaciqueRachel Williamson Vice President, Store Operations, Justice

Presented by Asset Strategies Group and bella crescita consulting

There was once a golden era of retail where solo, larger-than-life personalities dominated the retail scene and competed for the fashion consumer. The changing nature of the merchant role calls for a re-evaluation of the criteria for recruiting and assessing merchants. A transformed retail market, a redefined merchant role and new criteria for assessing that role— these women discuss the evolution of the merchant.