Kirt Moritz Co-Founder & CEO, Nayked Apparel www.naykedapparel.com/

Kirt Moritz


Breakout Sessions #3August 23, 2018
1:45PM - 2:45PM

Kirt is an entrepreneur, married 19 years, father of Morgan, strategic leader, analytical, and marketing professional.  Kirt has 20+ years experience overseeing new product introductions, brand launches, and multi-million dollar direct marketing campaigns. His analytical, yet customer-focused approach has proved successful for both startup companies and multinational corporations. Acquiring customers is Kirt’s passion. He’s used his creative and analytical talents overseeing multichannel advertising campaigns while at JPMorgan Chase, Fourthchannel, Max Rack, Inc. and is currently the President and Co-founder of the online e-Retailer “Nayked Apparel” that has gone from startup to $2.5MM in sales in only 2 years.