Debbie Penzone Keynote guest, Charles Penzone, Inc. www.penzonesalons.com/

Debbie Penzone


Keynote PresentationAugust 23, 2018
3:15PM - 4:30PM

Debbie Penzone has a distinguished resume as a salon industry innovator, community leader, author, philanthropist, and lifestyle expert. She is passionate about wellness and inspiring others to live their fullest lives – and integrating these same principles into the business.

Debbie is proud to lead a team of hundreds as president and CEO of Charles Penzone, Inc., an Ohio-based group of world-class salons and spas with six locations that serve more than 300,000 guests a year. Debbie spent more than 30 years helping to strategically build and evolve the company as a stylist, artistic director, training director and senior vice president before taking the organization’s helm in 2008. Additionally, Debbie recently opened LIT Life + Yoga Yoga with the intent of spreading and empowering people with the message of wellness, health and beauty from the inside-out.

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