Kimberly Clavin Engineer Educator Innovator, Pillar Technology pillartechnology.com

Kimberly Clavin

My journey took me from Kindergarten through a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and on to corporate life. As I physically got older my energy got younger. That is when I discovered the secret to reverse aging.

As a catalyst to my theory I went from corporate life to teaching Mechanical Engineering in higher ed then dipped into an administration role within a K-12 district. While going K to Career then back down to K my reverse aging theory was busted so I decided to follow my passion in Internet of Things, Wearables and Digital Experience. Outside of rollerskating and soccer. I spend my time tinkering with IoT, specifically Techno-Fashion. I have a passion for immersing others into the world of bedazzled technology.

Digital Experience
Internet of Things
Project Management
Operational Management
Academic Management
Curriculum Design
Education Technology