Joe Baer Co-Founder, Zen Genius zengenius.com

Joe Baer

Joe Baer is the Co-Founder, visionary and creative force behind ZenGenius. He is a leader among the Visual Merchandising and retail industry and is committed to raising the awareness of Visual Merchandising as an important element of any great retail and event experience. He believes Visual Merchandising is an amazing career path for many creative individuals that are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of Visual Merchandising, Joe is an experienced public speaker and travels around the world inspiring and teaching others about the power of Visual Merchandising. He leads training programs, conducts interactive Visual Merchandising workshops and is well known for creating and leading the IRON MERCHANT CHALLENGE, a signature interactive workshop held each year at the International Retail Design Conference. Joe has been a judge for VMSD Magazine’s International Visual Merchandising Contest for over five years and has sponsored the Holiday Window Contest in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio for several years. His inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere and everything.