Dr. Chris Holloman Chief Data Scientist, ICC icctechnology.com

Dr. Chris Holloman

As Chief Data Scientist of ICC’s Advanced Analytics practice, Chris is responsible for ensuring that the technical work produced by our team uses the best available methods to address our clients’ business questions. He oversees a team of data scientists and data engineers with a variety of areas of expertise and he makes sure that those skills are allocated in the right way to each project in order to perform analysis quickly and accurately.

In addition, Chris is responsible for technical training of the analytics team and for implementing quality assurance practices around coding and communication of results. Chris received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Duke University (2002). Since receiving his degree, he has worked as a Research Scientist for Battelle, a Market Analyst for JP Morgan Chase, and as an Auxiliary Associate Professor of Statistics and Director of the Statistical Consulting Service at The Ohio State University.