Brian Shafley CEO, Chute Gerdeman chutegerdeman.com

Brian Shafley

With a balance of creative vision, business acumen and thoughtful insight, Brian Shafley challenges his teams and his clients to extraordinary achievement. A frequent speaker to the industry, Brian promotes the idea that great retail design can entertain, incite wonder, elicit emotion and deliver powerful results. He sets the bar high for all of us, ensuring that his clients get the Chute Gerdeman “secret sauce,” a successful and proven mix of creativity and operational practicality.

While Brian believes seasons, cycles and trends play a pivotal role in retail design, he recognizes the importance of future relevancy. Since 1985, and in his role as CEO, Brian is recognized as a leader in the design community and at Chute Gerdeman, where he motivates his teams to think toward the future. When he’s not working, Brian’s favorite pastimes are travel, home renovation, hiking, watersports, gardening, nature and photography.