August 23 | 12:15PM - 1:15PM

Short North Ballroom

Lighting Fireworks: Designing Retail That Resonates with Mercurial Consumers

Retail is at an epic crunch time. Legacy retailers are having to quickly figure out how to be cool again, while sleek and swifty e-comm brands swoop in and steal marketshare—and customer loyalty. One thing in common? From age-old brands to pure-play start-ups, they have all recentered their focus on the physical store. Experience is everything, from Boomer to Gen Z. The founder of Boxpark once said shopping online was about as invigorating as “watching fireworks on TV.”

In this trend-focused presentation, Alison Embrey Medina, editor of award-winning magazine design:retail, will share a pictorial view of retailers bucking the trend by lighting up the retail landscape, showcasing the idea-makers and disruptors creating the biggest bang.

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