UNIT: Retail Innovation Lab

August 9 | 10:45AM - 12:00PM

C & D Concourse

Topic Discussion UNIT: Retail Innovation Lab

Presented by Schneider Downs

Why is creating integrated end-to-end customer experiences absolutely vital in today’s challenging retail marketplace?

Who will create and test these emerging concepts and innovations that unify digital, physical, and emotional experiences across multiple channels?

Meet UNIT, Columbus’ first retail innovation lab, and its five partner companies.

With the collective expertise and bandwidth to envision, test, and deploy next-generation customer experiences, UNIT’s mission is to tap Ohio’s deep and diverse reservoir of retail expertise and pioneer the design and execution of next-generation end-to-end customer experiences.

Join us for a stimulating roundtable exploration of the future of retail experiences- and learn about UNIT’s unique approach and agile collaboration among diverse creative and technical disciplines.


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