The Future of Bricks and Mortar

August 9 | 10:45AM - 12:00PM

C & D Concourse

Topic Discussion Trends in Development

Presented by WD Partners and Asset Strategies Group

Experts will share content around two unique areas.

The Future of Bricks and Mortar

Current headlines about record bankruptcies, store and mall closings, Amazon and the rapid growth of other e-commerce initiatives all call into question the future “shape” of brick and mortar. How fast are these trends reshaping our shopping landscape? What are the “true” numbers? Who are going to be the winners and losers? Our topic experts will bring a wealth of experience, data, and insights to answer these questions.

Retail 2020: How Cognitive Will Drive Connected Commerce

In the post-channel world, “Give the Customer What They Want” means providing a completely intuitive, personalized, seamless shopping experience. Existential threats such as Amazon and transformational start-ups are a blessing and a curse. They may foil the best laid plans, or they just may ignite an entirely new path to engage.

We’ll explore the evolving customer journey and help you re-imagine a holistic, omni-commerce strategy built for it, incorporating conversational commerce and natural language platforms that will alter interfaces and visual design as well as change how retailers interact with customers and associates. Join us for a glimpse into the future of retail and the cognitive tools that will help drive it.

Topic Experts