Retail Trend Watch: Humanizing Stores for a New Connected Customer

August 9 | 9:40AM - 10:15AM

Short North Ballroom

Feature Presentation 2017

In a society where most of life is experienced through a cold, shiny, 2-D phone screen, creating visceral and memorable moments at retail are the key to connecting with shoppers through people-focused stores designed not for robots, but humans.

Join design:retail magazine Editor in Chief Alison Embrey Medina as she takes you through top customer-centric trends driving the in-store experience today. From immersion, disruption and augmented reality to intriguing collaboration and authentic storytelling, Alison will showcase driving retail examples from around the globe with key takeaways you can use to design retail stores that connect with customers on an emotional, sensorial level and give them the tactile experience they crave.

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