Amazon CAN’T Do That

August 9 | 10:45AM - 12:00PM

C & D Concourse

Topic Discussion The Consumer Journey + Experience

Presented by WD Partners

Presenting consumer research on the unbeatable store attributes that Amazon just can’t compete with; this presentation offers clear, strategic recommendations on creating deeper customer loyalty in an Amazon Age. Translating data and video feedback, the audience will hear expert recommendations and see visuals of store features that consumers say they like most as well as what drives purchase. Gain a better understanding of how retailers can prioritize and select components of their in-store strategy to create a dynamic customer experience that translates into sales.

• Learn what attributes of the physical shopping experience are still attractive to customers, and which online shopping factors are motivating consumers to shop from home

• Understand what factors are ultimately driving appeal and purchase, and the differences between demographics

• See consumer feedback translated into new “store of the future” concepts that combine the best of physical and online shopping experiences

• Expert recommendations on how to best play up brick and mortar strengths — and areas where retailers are failing to impress consumers